Ok so basically... Im gonna stop posting . Theres lots of reasons.

But the main one is that i have a boyfriend and that i should be paying attention to him, and not be focusing on how i can write a good post.

I mean you guys are great and youve helped me lots and stuff, but i need time off, some time with Jack. I love him and i feel that soe parts of blogging are gonna get between me and him.

And i dont want that. I love him so much and i cant allow myself to be silly. You can question this all you like, i dont care.

This blog is too personal. When i had no one it was ok to let people in, to let you see what i was thinking. But now that i have him - it wont work. And theres no point in being selective and just writing some stuff, because that defies the point of blogging.

And also i dont want him or anyone i know to come across this - theres too much stuff here. So its going. If you read it then well done, if you didnt then your loss. I might come back someday, but atm I need to work out my priorities in life...

So yeah. Thanks to all of you i guess... I enjoyed our chats etc... But meh. Sometimes we need to move on, to concentrate on what really matters.... The next few months are going to define my life and i dont wanna mess it up.

Please dont email me, I just want to leave, ok? And if you do dont expect a reply. Maybe someday, when i log in again ill see an email and then ill reply to it; but it wont be anytime soon.